Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reebonz Spring Clean Blogger Contest

i am a wife & a mother of two -what a melancholic life was like when u put onion,ginger,chillis, tomato,durian.. u mix and blend them together, can imagine how chaos it is? and also i am a working-non stop talking-machine for my students..sometimes i really don't know what i am good at..or atleast got extra talent to be proud some point,i feel reaaaaaaally tired, don't even have a time for blogging myself! -poor me..

until i found this site the coolest ever contest on earth offering 6 top designers,marvellous,gorgeous,damn hot handbags to be grabbed! oh about handbag, i have never ever spend more than RM 200 (or SGD 100+) just for it!- stingy mommy..but of course, as a normal homosapiens or to be detailed - as a woman- the desire to get those handbags is always in my wish list, not mentioning that i've always dreamt to look like a hot-mama-model..huhu...

i picked this Marc by Marc Jacobs Ellsworth Blue Classic Q Groovee because the blue color is so attractive, alive & it looks spacious! heheh, there goes the kiddos milk bottles,nappy,wet tissue, keys,lipgloss, mascara etc. eventhough it is a diaperdesigner bag but it fullfills my needs =) . it can be your best companion day & night, because the colour will make u feel like you are at your best! i bet if i have this bag i can go through the like in hell day for 24/7 !! some more it may works like your BFF (bestfriend forever lah), go shopping & gossiping together ;)

"but how to get it?? the obstacles are here & there"

that is why i am doing this..yes, joining this cool contest to get what i want..and of course if i get the handbag, my spring outfit will also changed! at first i thought of to find & sort whatever clothes,shawls,jacket,heels-u got meh?? of mine ..but no no no..that's not a brilliant idea zety, u'll find ~almost nothing T_T

so i start to browse & browse the net, and i heart this 3 hijab-style to be matched with the bag, u'll love it Marc, trust me ;p

black is always ~ m.a.g.i.c

will people say that u r a mom of 2 ??

or this blue denim long skirt that looks perfecto!

* pics are taken from google

so, after all..i still believe in the power of dreaming.. no matter who u are, where u'r from, what u's not that i am not happy with my life, i am really thank God that i am blessed to be surrounded with loving family & friends..its just that if only i can reward myself with Marc handbag classic blue for this spring v(* _ *)